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PS-200 Power Supply


The PS-200 power supply accepts a 115, 230 or 24 VAC input and provides a 5 to 25 VDC output that is both fully regulated and protected from short circuiting and thermal overloads. The PS-200 incorporates an inline fuse and terminal strip for the primary line voltage and multiple-position terminal strips for the DC output. Two unique chassis options are available for the PS-200, making it one of the most versatile, reliable, indestructible, easy to install, and stable power supplies in the industry.

The PS-200 is a reliable, stable, and fully protected DC power supply designed to power all control peripherals. Other open-frame linear power supplies require expensive field modifications for adding an inline fuse, soldering a primary line voltage and secondary DC output leads, and engineering a bracket to mount the power supply. To address these time-consuming and costly modifications, MAMAC Systems developed a power supply which eliminates all of the above expensive field modifications.

Our PS-200 incorporates a split bobbin transformer with 3500 VRMS isolation between the windings to provide reliable and consistent secondary output. The line voltage is fuse protected, and the fuse holder is mounted on a bracket to make it easily accessible for replacement purposes. A conveniently located terminal strip is provided for the line voltage termination, and all line voltage connections — including the fuse holder and the terminal strip — are fully insulated to protect against accidental electrical shock hazard. In addition, the fuse holder accepts industry standard 3AG fuses which are readily available. Furthermore, the PS-200's line voltage options of 115 VAC, 230 VAC or 24 VAC ensure that the power supply will perform with any available line voltage.

The PS-200 utilizes a full wave bridge rectifier to convert secondary AC voltage to a DC output. A single I.C. reliable voltage regulator is used to provide a stable and regulated output with built-in short circuit, thermal overload, inrush, and line voltage spike protection. Significantly, the output of the PS-200 can be indefinitely shorted without damaging the power supply, and if the load exceeds the rated specification, the power supply shuts down and goes into a dormant state. As soon as the overload condition is removed, the power supply resumes functioning without any damage. In this way, our PS-200 is a highly reliable and indestructible power supply for the controls industry.

Multiple high-grade, low ESR, and low-leakage capacitors filter DC voltage and provide less than 2.0 mV pp ripple on the output. A multi-turn trimmer allows output adjustment from 5 to 25 VDC. Once adjusted, the output remains constant regardless of line voltage fluctuations or output load variations. Furthermore, each PS-200 is shipped with its output adjusted to a customer's requirements. In addition, multiple-position terminal strips are provided for field wiring.

In order to facilitate installation of our PS-200 in a control panel, MAMAC Systems offers two unique chassis options for the power supply-- a low-height chassis designed for shallow panels and a narrow-width chassis for deep panels where horizontal space is limited. Both chassis function as heat sinks and are engineered with recessed components to provide a flush mounting surface without stand-offs or spacers.

With two chassis options, fully adjustable output, short circuit and thermal overload protection, inrush and spike protection, fuse protection on line voltage, and an easily accessible terminal strip for supply and output voltages, our PS-200 is not only the most reliable, indestructible, stable, and versatile power supply in the industry, but also requires the least amount of installation time in control panels.