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IP-PC-101 Maverick Sensor Appliance

IP Sensor Appliance


  • IP Sub Metering ApplianceGENERAL: The Maverick IP Sub Metering Appliance has an embedded lean TCP-IP stack including HTTP, SMTP, DHCP, DNS, FTP, and ARP.

    The Maverick also has XML embedded with formatted usage data. In this way, the Maverick can communicate directly with any IT system which has an XML parser. Similarly, any simple JavaScript can be used to communicate and acquire HTML data. These unique features enable the Maverick to function as an extremely low cost XML & HTML node for large enterprise IT systems.

  • METERING: The Maverick SM-101 accepts a pulse input (dry contact) directly from any electric, water or gas meter. Computes consumption by multiplying the pulse with the user programmed meter coefficient and displays usage by the minute, hour, week and month. The appliance also displays the total accumulated pulses from the meter. This usage data is available in XML format to be imported into any database management application. The data for hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and the total pulses is stored in non-volatile RAM. In this way, in case of a power loss, only the current minute data is lost.

    The Sub Metering Maverick also has a time countdown feature and displays the time remaining prior to the next update for the minute, hour, week and month consumption. At a glance one can estimate if the current consumption will exceed the previous usage.

    If a new sub metering application is started, a meter reset function is available under the configuration page. With the input pulse disconnected, if the meter reset icon is clicked, the meter will reset and all accumulated data including total accumulated pulses will be flushed out and all counts will revert back to zero.

  • EMAIL ALERTS: The biggest shortcoming of all existing sub metering systems is their inability to directly send email alerts and alarms. The Maverick appliance has a very user friendly email alert capability and can send email alerts to up to two different addresses. Email alerts can be configured for the minute, hour, day, week or month consumption. If the usage exceeds a predefined threshold, the appliance will transmit an email alert. The Maverick SM-101 also has an option available to attach a CSV log to the email alert. The user does not only receive an alert but also can parse the log file and review what the consumption has been prior to the alert condition.

    The Maverick appliance can also send email alerts in case of a power outage. The appliance logs the time the power went out, and when the power is restored, it sends an email with a time stamp when the power went out and when it was restored.

    Similarly, the appliance can be configured to send an email if the DHCP IP assignment has been changed. If the Maverick is running as a DHCP client, it can keep the users abreast of its DHCP IP assignment and the user does not have to discover the appliance.

  • PERIODIC EMAIL REPORTS: The Sub Metering Maverick also has a feature to send consumption data periodic email reports in CSV format every minute, hour, day, week or month. These usage reports can be imported into Excel, Word or any other application which accepts CSV data for analysis and archiving. This consumption data is also available in XML format and can be easily parsed by any application for data mining purposes. The Minute report provides 1440 minutes ( 24 hour) rolling data for each minute usage. The Hour report has 744 hours (31 days) of rolling hourly consumption data, the Weekly report has 53 weeks of data and the Monthly report accumulates 12 months of rolling consumption data.

    The appliance can be configured to email data for any or all desired periods to either one or two email addresses. The user may configure both multiple periodic email reports and multiple email alerts at the same time.

  • DATA LOGGING: The logged data which is used by the periodic email reports can also be viewed as bar graphs. The Minute consumption data is displayed by 60 bar graphs for each minute of usage. The Hour data is displayed by 24 bar graphs for each hour of consumption. The Daily usage is displayed by 31 bar graphs for each day’s usage, the Weekly data is shown by 8 bar graphs for each week's consumption and the Monthly usage is displayed by 12 bar graphs for each month’s consumption.

    The appliance provides a visual display of consumption for any desired period. Data can also be viewed as a CSV file and imported into Word, Excel or any other application which accepts CSV files.